3 Easy Glowforge Easter Tags

I love having a laser cutter in the house! It’s making little crafts – like these Glowforge Easter Tags a cinch to make!

I even made three different types, because I could not decide what I wanted to do. Luckily, I know lots of kids!!

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1. Bunny Letter Easter Tags

These were so easy to make, and I think they’d be a great first project if you’ve never used your laser cutter before.

They’re really just cut, paint, and go. If you’re good with them all being the same color, you could even paint before cutting, which would make this project even easier.

See all the details in the full post here.

2. Minimalist Easter Egg Tags

I think these are super cute, and while they’re a little bit more work than the first set, they’re still pretty easy.

They’re a little more complicated, because you have to cut two pieces and (maybe, if you’re picky) do a little bit of sanding. But so cute!

Take a look at the full post here!

3. Multi-Layered Carrot Easter Tags

I saved the best for last! Or at least, my favorite for last!

I love these, but they take a little bit of skill with an SVG editing program to make.

I used the xTool Creative Space, because it’s pretty robust and easier to use than most programs (which is one of the reasons I recommend the xTool M1 over the Glowforge Spark or Aura.)

You have to edit the original file, as well as the lettering. But worth it!

Check out the full post here!

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