Easy Glowforge Bunny Easter Tags

If you’re new to the Glowforge (any of them!) or maybe just need an easy win, this is the project for you!

I came across these bunny Easter tags on Creative Fabrica, and thought they were adorable. I had to give them a shot!

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  • 1/8″ Baltic Birch Plywood*
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Bunny Tags Plan
  • Twine or Ribbon

*On Plywood – I’m cheap and therefore I don’t buy Glowforge’s Proofgrade or whatever xTool’s fancy plywood is called. I buy big sheets at Woodcraft, and cut them down to 12″x15″, which is the perfect size for the xTool. It’s equally nice, and much more affordable.

But, I use a table saw to do that, and you probably don’t have one of those. Woodcraft does sell 1/8″ Baltic Birch in smaller sizes, and while it’s still cheaper than Glowforge, it’s pricier than the big sheets.

So instead, I recommend checking out Etsy. There are a number of small shops selling packs of 12″x12″ Baltic Birch at decent prices. If I didn’t have my Woodcraft option, I’d probably give this one a try.

How to Make Glowforge Bunny Easter Tags

So, the instructions I’m going to give are actually a little different than what I did.

I painted my tags after I printed them, which is harder because then you’re trying not to paint the sides and that’s a hassle. So, learn from my mistakes – paint first!

Step 1: Paint Your Plywood

I recommend using a 12″x12″ piece, and sectioning it into six sections. Each bunny tag gets a section. See below:

The tags in the above picture are roughly 3″ x 5″, and there’s still room to make them a little bigger if you’d like.

Then paint your sections the color you’d like that bunny to be. If you want them to all be the same color, your job is easy!

I did not do this, but here’s a nice picture of me trying not to paint the sides of the after-cut version.

Step 2: Print Your Bunny Easter Tags

Download the file from Creative Fabrica, then upload the letters you want into the Glowforge app.

I used the settings Glowforge uses for a proofgrade cut of “Light Basswood Plywood.” That worked well for me, but for your convenience, I listed them here too, along with the settings for the xTool M1 (which I also have and highly recommend.)

Cutting ToolPowerSpeedPasses
Glowforge Aura10162
xTool M110031

The settings for the Glowforge Aura and the Glowforge Spark SHOULD be the same, because they have the same laser. However, I don’t have a Spark so I can’t actually test this.

Step 3: Add Twine

Add twine to the holes, and you’re good to go!

Aren’t they cute? If you’re not quite sold yet, check out these other adorable DIY Easter Basket Tags!

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