Easy Mother’s Day Flower Display

Looking for a quick Mother’s Day gift? Do I have the project for you! This Mother’s Day flower display is easy to make, super cute, and serves a practical purpose.

The laser does most of the work, but it can be customized (aka, painted) at the end by little hands that want to help.

And what Mom doesn’t want the perfect place to display all her dandelions?

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Materials Needed to make this flower display


How to make a DIY Flower Display

This really is the easiest process. You print the pattern, then add flowers. Done. If you haven’t grabbed the pattern yet, you can grab it here.

But there are a couple things I should mention. First off, there is a decent amount of engraving on this. If you’re working with a small diode laser, it might take awhile.

The Glowforge Aura quoted me over 5 hours. I moved to the xTool M1, and it took a little over 2 hours.

I kept an eye on it, but for the most part did other things while it printed.

Secondly, when printing there are a couple different layers to deal with:

  • Green – Cut this. This outlines the entire shape.
  • Black – Engrave this. This is the internal design.
  • Yellow – Cut this. This makes the holes for the flower stems to sit.
  • Red – Engrave this. This is the “Picked for Mommy” lettering.

Then you have a flower display! Cute, right?

I love how it turned out! Grab the pattern so you can make it too!

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I paint my Flower Display?

Theoretically, yes. But the little slashes around the petals are difficult to avoid. I ended up painting some of the engraved part, before getting frustrated and giving up.

(Luckily, paint sands off.)

I’m working on a method for engraving an outline, painting, then putting the piece back in the laser cutter to do the real engraving and cut out the piece.

Then you don’t need to paint perfectly, since the laser cutter will engrave through any excess paint.

It’s based on the alignment circle method I used on the jewelry organizer. When I’ve created the tutorial, I’ll link it here.

What Settings do you Use for 1/8″ Plywood?

I have the Glowforge Aura and the xTool M1. Here’s what I use on them for cutting 1/8″ plywood:

Glowforge AuraCut10162
Glowforge AuraEngrave7.51001
xTool M1Cut10031
xTool M1Engrave100701

Where do you Source Your Plywood?

I have a table saw, so I purchase my 1/8″ plywood in big sheets from Woodcraft, then cut it to size on the table saw. Much cheaper than using the Proofgrade Glowforge material.

But you probably don’t have a table saw, in which case I recommend Etsy. I’ve had great experiences sourcing leather from there (see my experiences in this post,) and it’s where I’d go if I couldn’t buy large pieces nearby.

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