Gorgeous DIY Carrot Easter Basket Tags

I’m really on a laser cutter kick right now, and these DIY Carrot Easter Basket Tags are my favorite project.

For really, I made three different Easter Basket Tags. This version won!!

They take a little bit more work than the other two, but I think it’s 100% worth it.

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  • Carrot SVG File
  • Wood Glue
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Twine
  • Laser Cutter – I have both the xTool M1 and Glowforge Aura (see honest comparison here.) Either will work, but the xTool software makes it easy to edit the carrot file.

How to Make Carrot Easter Basket Tags

Step 1: Edit Your File

So the carrot SVG I pulled from Creative Fabrica is wonderful, but it needs to be edited a bit to work for this purpose.

First off, the two pieces of the middle carrot need to become one. Select both pieces, then go to “Combine” and click “Unite.”

(Hint: Hold the “shift” key while you click the second item. This allows you to select two things at once. Or hold and drag your mouse over both items.)

Then there needs to be a hole for the twine to go through. I added two identical circles at the top of the carrot.

Then the outline carrot and the main carrot need to be pulled apart, since they’re going to be different layers of the tag. I selected one of the two circles as well as the main carrot, and pulled them off to the side.

(Hint 2: Select the circle first, then the carrot. Also, remember Hint 1.)

This ensures that the hole is in the exact same spot for both carrots.

Then, the middle cutouts on the main carrot need to be erased. I just made an oval around them, then selected everything but the red twine circle, and hit “unite,” which is under the “combine” dropdown.

Finally, I prepped the names. I used the “Lobster” font, because it was calligraphic, but still thick enough not to fall apart after cutting.

I’ve found that most calligraphy fonts have really thin parts that break after being cut in wood.

Step 2: Print the Pieces

Here are the settings I use for 1/8″ Baltic Birch plywood on both machines. I didn’t engrave anything here, but I included them anyway.

Glowforge AuraCut10162
Glowforge AuraEngrave7.51001
xTool M1Cut10031
xTool M1Engrave100701

The Glowforge Spark and the Aura have the same laser, so settings should be the same. That said, I don’t have the Spark so I can’t actually test that.

Step 3: Paint and Assemble

I used acrylic paint to paint the pieces, then glued it all together with wood glue!

I think they look adorable!

Definitely my favorite of the three Easter tags – go check out the others if you haven’t already!

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