Living Room Remodel: Week 2

Welcome to week two of the One Room Challenge! Last week, I told you all about my room and what I'd done so far. Also, about how I'm not really a design blogger, but a DIY blogger, and yes, I think there's a difference. But I didn't really tell you about my plan, primarily because I don't really have one. I have some vague idea of a mostly warm neutral room with maybe a single color splashed throughout. But exactly how this room ends up will depend significantly upon what I find at the thrift stores. And guess what? I found some things.

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First Up: A Chair

Technically, I found it a few weeks back when I was in Omaha with my mom. I'd driven, so it was easy to fork over $40 and plop the thing in my car for the 5 hour drive home. But it's just now being added to the living room, and I think it looks fantastic! And if you like the little pillow on top, I made it out of a table runner, and think it's super cute!

Next Up: A Side Table!

I picked it up at my local Habitat Restore for $15. Not only is it 95% wood, but it also has a nice story. In the top (velvet lined) drawer, there is a cute little tag proclaiming "Interiors by Edwin Pepper." Turns out, Edwin Peppers Interiors is a local company that was founded in 1961. It seems they used to design furniture; these days they seem to primarily do interior design. I thought it was interesting, at least.

Now here's the thing about this table: I originally purchased it with the intent to refinish it. But, I stuck it next to the chair and couch because I needed a place to put it in the meantime, and as it turns out, I really like the way it looks there as-is. I'm not normally into the faux-chippy look, but I think it adds some really cute old-world charm. Maybe because it's not faux-chippy, but real chippy? Who knows.

And I really like the way the (also thrifted) plant looks on top of it. So I'm leaning toward leaving it as is. Thoughts? I'd love to hear what you think!

The Couch I Already Owned

And that leads me to the couch. Now, admittedly, this couch is not thrifted, my parents originally purchased it for me as a birthday gift when I was in college. Recently, it was red.

As you can see, it is no longer red. Recovering the sofa was my first major project... and it took me a whole five hours. I expected it to be a way bigger project; this is a recliner sofa, so I thought things might get complicated. Nope. Easy peasy. Go check it out, especially if you have a recliner sofa you no longer love the color of.

The only thing is that I don't love the color the dropcloth bleached to. It's a little grayer than I had in mind.

Therefore, I'm not tossing out the idea of ripping off the dropcloth and going back to the red. Thus, when I was in Joann's looking for fabric to recover pillows with, the red floral (Joann's Home Essential Lightweight Decor Fabric in Bircham/Red) stood out as perfect. It would still fit the room if I went back to the red, but in the meantime, really stood out against the dropcloth fabric. And in that moment, my "splash of color" became red.

The Store-Bought Rug

So in all of my room remodels, there's one thing I typically purchase full-price: the rug. I've learned that while I can DIY an area rug, I can't DIY an area rug that beats the price of mass produced rugs. So I've stopped trying, and instead purchased this Nuloom rug off Houzz.

I love it. The little fringes on the end are such a cute touch, even if my cat keeps attacking them.

The irony here, is shortly after the rug was delivered, a shipment of unsold jute rugs were delivered to the Habitat Restore. I was literally standing in the store when they started dragging them in. I wasn't about to try sending this one back, especially since I liked it so much, but did I pick up one of those 8' x 10' Restore rugs for $50? You bet. I'll get to the dining room eventually.

And that's it for this week! Make sure you go check out the other One Room Challenge posts; as per usual, the rooms look fantastic!

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