The Most Important Step to Any DIY Project

You love to have a beautiful house, but inwardly groan at the idea of a new DIY project. The work. The mess. The multiple trips to the hardware store. That "what if I screw this up" feeling. And yet, you don't want to pay a contractor, but don't think you can stare at those horrendous cabinets/floor/fireplace another second.

I get you. This was me. When I moved into my new home, the kitchen was an appliance-less sea of grungy cabinets, laminate countertops, and peel and stick floor tile. It was both disgusting and dysfunctional, but the thought of spending months remodeling the kitchen sent me into a state of pure overwhelm.

Make sure you're DIY projects are as great as can be with this one simple step!

I did it anyway. How? By making plans. Big picture layouts. Organized notes about appliances. Ordered lists of projects. Cost comparison analyses. Project sketches. Every single thing in that kitchen got planned. Four months later, I had a new kitchen that I'd transformed entirely on  my own.

Make sure you're DIY projects are as great as can be with this one simple step!

Planning is important. It's that key step between wanting to do something and actually getting something done. DIY projects, large or small, benefit from planning just as much as anything else.

Because of this, I created the Project Planner. I wanted to have a systematic way to plan my projects. Knowing exactly what steps to take and materials I'd need helps me get projects started and finished quickly.

The Project Planner walks you through a project, forcing you to make a sketch, list out materials, and make a timeline of when you'll be doing each step. It allows you to truly think through every piece of the project, and what materials you'll need to purchase to complete it successfully. It brings the overwhelm down to a manageable level, allowing you to finish those DIY projects you've been procrastinating for ages.

It works and it's free. If you too want to stop daydreaming and actually get projects done, just click the link below.

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Make sure you're DIY projects are as great as can be with this one simple step!

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