Woodworking Accessories

I wanted to make a quick list of my favorite woodworking accessories… the ones I don’t think I could live without. Clearly, I did for awhile, but once I bought them I never looked back!

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3M Worktunes Ear Protection

These are basically headphones and ear protection in one. I love them. I can listen to podcasts while I work, even when running the table saw, which is amazing. I think the sound quality is great, although I’m not an audiophile, so take that with a grain of salt if you’re super picky. 

I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say the Worktunes changed my life, or at minimum, the way I work in the shop. I’ve learned so many things that I wouldn’t have had time to listen to since I purchased them!

Rockler Miter Gauge

So, my table saw was purchased off Craigslist, and is probably older than I am. It did not come with a miter gauge, which means I had to purchase one myself.

I got this one from Rockler, and it’s absolutely amazing. It’s sturdy, precise, and easy to use. Since I’ve never had anything else, I can’t make a comparison to the miter gauges that come with a table saw, but I don’t regret my purchase at all.

Push Sticks

For awhile, I just used scrap wood to push wood through the table saw. But when I started doing more advanced cuts, that made me nervous.

So I got these push sticks off Amazon. They’re a pretty budget-friendly pack; some push sticks cost $50 for a single stick. This set was inexpensive and effective, and I’m thinking about grabbing a set for my dad for his birthday.

Dado Blade Set

I recently decided to build all of the drawers in my workshop myself, which led to me needing a dado blade set in order to cut grooves into the plywood

I spent all sorts of time researching, and eventually purchased these. They’re smaller (6″ vs 8″ diameter) than some sets, but I can’t imagine what I would the larger blades for.

They’re effective and well-priced, and my dados have turned out perfectly!